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Sketch-Note | Classic - SCARLET
Sketch-Note | Classic - SCARLET
Sketch-Note | Classic - SCARLET
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Sketch-Note | Classic - SCARLET

Fine blank essential ivory paper thread-sewn books in two textures and three sizes. Covered in smooth card-stock cover in lush red with a tinge of orange.


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Available sizes :
Pocket 3.5in x 5.5in 90mm x 140mm
Regular 5in x 8in 125mm x 200mm
Large 8in x 12in 200mm x 300mm


24 Sheets / 48 Pages

100 G.S.M. paper; In two textures - Rough & Smooth

Rough texture is pencil friendly

Smooth texture is ink friendly

Acid-free ivory paper of fine quality

Uni-Fold; Center Stitch binding type

Covered with six type of classic card-stock covers