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Minimal stationery for your desk and pocket.

Essential Objects of paper.


Understanding paper as a raw material and a blank canvas

One of the most basic materials used, whether a surface or a volume, paper can be morphed indefinitely to create fascinating and functional objects.


With all the incredible variety of paper and materials we have around us, all we do is shape them a bit, celebrating the analog form of drawing, writing and note-making through our products.

We are architects by education and throughout we have been exposed to a lot of materials especially paper as a medium of expression for working with forms, print-making, sketching and recording our ideas daily. It is some of these experiences that create our brief and some that attempt to answer. 

We work from our small Workshop / Studio in New Delhi, where we design, prototype, produce, photograph and work around.

Deblina Pandit & Hamdan Hussain

Join us and stay tuned !

We are constantly working on our products and improvising on them along the way to create even more.